3 Important Reasons To Have Your Trees Trimmed

In the past year or two, have you purchased a property with one or more trees growing on the land? Did you know that trees require more than just sun and water in order for them to be healthy? Pruning a tree can be essential to keeping a tree healthy and helping it to live for as long as possible. When you want a large and healthy tree, it can initially seem strange to be talking about removing sometimes substantial portions of its branches, but there are good reasons for doing this. Some of the reasons why you'd want to have the tree trimmed and pruned on a regular basis include:

Better airflow: You probably already know that trees get energy from sunlight and also breathe through their leaves. Because of this, it might seem like more leaves are always better. When there are too many leaves, however, the sun and air can actually be blocked for a majority of the leaves. Instead of the extra leaves providing more food for the tree, these leaves will be taking up resources that are better used elsewhere in the tree. Professional tree trimming will selectively remove just the right branches so that the tree will be able to devote itself to growing bigger and stronger in the future.

Remove damage and disease: Unlike humans or any type of animal, damaged parts of a tree or plant often require amputation of the damaged area. Not all tree diseases are serious enough to merit pruning, but your tree trimming professional will be able to tell you when it is a necessity. In the event of a large windstorm, where one or more limbs break or threaten to break, a generous pruning can also help remove that danger so that the tree will be more likely to survive the next wind storm unscathed.

Better aesthetics: In addition to making the tree healthier, correct tree trimming simply makes a tree look nicer. Instead of a crowded and misshapen blob of leaves and branches, a properly pruned tree will be relatively symmetrical and pleasant to look at. If you're planning to sell or rent out the property in the near future, having healthy trees that are nice to look at may be able to help somewhat with the property value.  At the very least, if a tree looks sickly and uncared for, it's likely that fewer people are going to be interested in buying or renting the property at all.

For more information on the benefits of tree trimming, contact a company like Good Morrow.