Planting A Tree This Spring And Live In The South? Choose A Dogwood Tree

If you are planning to plant a tree this spring there are many types of trees that are available. When choosing a tree you need to make sure it will grow well where you live. One type of tree you could choose is the dogwood tree. Below is some more information about this, as well as tips on planting and common problems these trees have. This will help you decide if you would like this planted in your yard.


The dogwood tree is known for its beauty and it can grow in almost any zone, including the south. This is why the dogwood tree is very popular across the United States. The dogwood is at its fullest beauty in the spring months with blossoms of pink, white, or red. In the summer months, the flowers go away but the tree still looks great as its branches layer on top of each other giving the tree a rounded look.

When the fall months roll around the dogwood tree comes out of its summer slumber and shows off scarlet leaves along with beautiful red berries that are bright red. Birds do love to eat these berries, however, so they may not last as long as the leaves.

The dogwood also look great in the winter months with its flower buds and lacy branches. The bark turns a gray brown color and looks pebbled.

Dogwood Planting and Care

The dogwood needs at least a half day of sun, but it will grow better in full sun. It will grow in the shade but it will not bloom.  You should have your soil tested before planting this tree, as they grow best in acidic soil. You can purchase a soil test kit at a garden center. The sol also has to be well-drained.

You can find dogwood trees that are growing in containers at garden centers. Dig a hole that is approximately three times wider than the root ball. The hole should not be deeper than the root ball, however, as it should only be sitting approximately half an inch above the surface of the soil. When you are finished planting, water the root ball thoroughly. Make sure the soil stays damp for the first couple of weeks while the root ball is setting up house. Dogwoods can be planted in the spring after the last frost or in fall before the first frost.

The dogwood tree has shallow roots, which means they will suffer if you have an extended drought. If they are low on water, the tips of the leaves will look wilted. If you do not get at least an inch of rain every week you need to water the tree yourself.

Talk with a tree service company like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc. if you need help planting your tree. They can also give you some tips on how to take care of a dogwood, as well as when you should have it pruned.