Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tree Service Professional

Do you own one or more trees that need to be pruned this spring? Have you been thinking about handling the trimming on your own? While you could possibly take care of the trimming yourself, there are several reasons why you should consider leaving the task to a professional. Some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a local tree service instead of attempting to trim the tree on your own include:

Trimming too much: When trimming and pruning trees, it's easy to get over-enthusiastic with the task. In an attempt to avoid having to do any pruning for as long as possible, you may wind up trimming back a significant portion of the tree. Unfortunately, trimming too much of the tree's leaves and branches at once isn't quite like trimming a person's hair to be too short. A tree needs its branches for both food and energy. A lack of leaves can cause your tree to weaken and, eventually, to die. A good tree service will know exactly how much of your tree can be pruned and removed without causing damage to the tree.

Avoiding disease: Although tree pruning and trimming are necessary for a healthy tree, tree trimming itself does initially cause a wound in the tree. Trees will be able to recover fairly easily from a good trimming job, eventually healing over the wounds with bark. But a bad pruning job can expose a tree to possible insect damage or may allow the tree to become infected with various diseases or types of rot. A tree service professional will know how to trim trees correctly so as to avoid possible issues. They will also know when various types of trees will need to have extra protection added to help fend off insects and other issues while the tree heals.

Preventing injury: Aside from possibly causing damage to the tree, one big reason to hire a tree service professional is because of your own safety. While a smaller sapling poses little to no danger to yourself, the same can't always be said of a medium to large tree. A larger tree may require a ladder or some other means in order to reach the higher branches, introducing the possibility of falling while caring for the tree. Larger branches that need to be removed will need to be properly secured in order to prevent them from falling and injuring any people or property below. Professionals will already have the knowledge and equipment necessary to do this safely, something that you likely do not have.

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