3 Things Not To Do When Trimming The Pine Trees In Your Yard

If you have several pine trees in your yard, you may decide to trim them so they grow in a uniform shape. Before you do, however, try not to do one of the following three things while trimming your trees.

Do Not Trim Pine Trees In The Fall

Although pine trees stay green all year, they do have growth cycles. In the fall, the growth of the trees starts slowing down for the winter months so they can conserve their resources during cold weather.

Because of this, do not trim your trees in the fall. Any cuts you make will not heal in time for winter, and you risk exposing the interior of the tree to ice, moisture, and potential rotting. Instead, try to prune in the spring when the tree is actively growing.

Do Not Cut New Growth With Shears

Unlike deciduous trees like oaks or maples, trimming new growth on a pine tree with shears can damage it. New growth on the evergreens consists of a compact, dense collection of needles called candles. If you cut into these candles, the needles will become permanently brown and damaged.

To remove the candles and encourage dense growth, pinch them off at the base with your hands. Removing the entire candle encourages more to be produced, and doing this with your hand gives you more control so you don't accidentally cut the needles.

Do Not Cut A Branch In The Middle

If you find a damaged branch, you may be tempted to cut it in the middle in line with the outer shape of the tree. However, this is a mistake for two reasons. First, once a cut is made in the middle of a branch, it no longer grows. The tree is unable to regrow the wood that has been removed, so it will remain a bare branch.

Second, when the branch is left sticking out. the end of it is exposed to rain, snow, and ice. If you must cut off a branch, do so close to the trunk of the tree. This helps protect the exposed end, as well as hides the stunted branch from view.

Avoiding the above things while trimming your pine trees can help keep them healthy and beautiful. However, if you are unsure of the ideal way to cut the trees, you may want to contact a tree service to discuss your options for having them do the tree trimming for you.