3 Tips For Cutting Down A Tree Safely

Whether you're doing some major trimming of a tree, or you are thinking about removing it from your property, there is a lot you should think about before breaking out the chainsaw. Failing to properly consider all the variables involved in cutting down a large tree can actually put you at serious risk for injury or worse. So take a look below at some of the things you can and should do in order to stay safe during the process.

Use Safety Gear

Many people don't take the the risks of tree trimming seriously enough when they first begin. Far too often, people will climb up into the branches of a tree (or scale a tall ladder) with only a pair of sneakers, a ball cap and maybe some protective eyewear. This is far from ideal, and put's you in harm's way from the outset. In addition to a solid pair of goggles, you should also wear heavy gloves, a hard hat, steel-toe boots and hard leg coverings that will protect you from sharp branches. 

Scout Out a Drop Zone

Maybe even more important than what you do once you're trimming or cutting down a tree is everything you do before you start. Preparation helps to eliminate the worst kind of surprises (the ones that land you in the hospital) and will also make the job quicker. The first thing you'll want to determine is the lean of the tree, and where it will most likely land if or when it falls. Then make a decision about whether this drop zone is safe or appropriate. A drop zone with a steep incline will cause even a small tree to roll out of control, possibly causing damage and injury. 

Make Multiple Cuts

Making a single cut - especially if you are dealing with a large tree - is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they trim or cut down a tree for the first time. To safely and properly cut down a tree, you'll need to make several cuts. First, make a standard horizontal cut that doesn't extend more than a third of the way into the tree. Then, make a wedge cut that starts from either the top or the bottom of the horizontal cut. This will produce a decent sized wedge that should be immediately supported with a large stick. Finally, make a back cut on the other side of the tree through to the original horizontal cut. 

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