These Tips Will Help You Prevent Chainsaw Accidents

A chainsaw is a dangerous tool; the risk of damaging other objects, the saw, or causing injury increases with the level of inexperience of the user. If you plan on using a chainsaw to cut down a tree, take the following precautions to reduce the associated risk:

Always Use Both Hands

Keep both hands on the chainsaw, even if you think you can handle it with a single hand if the engine is running. The right hand should be on the rear handle and the left hand on the front handle. This is the best way of maintaining control over the machine, which can injure you with kickback or drop out of your hand if you aren't careful.

Operate the Saw in a Clear Area

The only thing you should cut is the tree you are removing, and nothing else. An accidental cut on a nearby log, post, fence, or wall can cause damage to the saw or injure you. This means you shouldn't try to use a chainsaw in a confined area. Leave that up to the professionals.

Avoid Overhead Cuts

Chainsaw injuries are horrendous due to the nature of the saw's cutting edge, it doesn't make a clean cut. A chainsaw cut to the head is, therefore, something that you should avoid at all costs. The best way to do this is to avoid overhead cuts so that the saw cannot fall on your head. Don't forget that controlling a chainsaw while holding it above your head.

Don't Cut Deformed Limbs

It's not just the saw that you have to worry about, Deformed tree limbs, for example, those that are twisted or bent, can snap and slap you when you cut them. The same is true for limbs caught under or between other objects. Therefore, avoid such tree limbs or free them first before cutting them or leave it up to professional tree removers.

Shut Off the Saw When Not Using It

Lastly, always remember to shut off the chainsaw while not using it. for example, turn it off while taking a break, taking a phone call, moving to a different location or refueling. Shutting off the chain reduces the risk of injury or fire outbreaks.

Ideally, you should only engage in DIY tree services that don't involve the use of a chainsaw. If you have to use a chainsaw, then the above tips should help keep you safe. However, tree removal is an inherently dangerous process that is best left to professional tree removal companies like Souliere & Son Tree Specialists.