2 Alternatives To Removing A Healthy Tree From Your Property

If a tree on your property becomes a potential health or property hazard, it makes sense to have it removed. However, sometimes it's a perfectly healthy tree you may want to keep. In such cases, there are a few possibilities available to you. You can keep the tree, but lower or eliminate its possible risks. Here are two ways you can do that:

1. Trimming the Tree to Lower Risks

Having the branches of your tree pruned can go a long way towards lowering any risk a healthy tree can pose. If the tree isn't dead, dying, or diseased, then it's likely the branches of the tree creating risk.

For example, branches can grow too close to your home and pose a danger to your roof. They can have dead branches that can fall onto power lines or unsuspecting passersby.

Having errant branches trimmed is good for both you and the tree. Although, it's not a job you should attempt yourself if you're not sure of how to do it properly.

Trimming trees to improve the view

Trimming is also a good alternative if you want to remove a tree for cosmetic purposes. If the tree obstructs a view or throws off your landscaping, then it's possible trimming the tree can help.

Many people automatically jump to the idea of removing a tree in such situations. It's usually worth keeping a tree on the property if it's not a risk otherwise.

2. Transplanting a Tree to Remove a Potential Hazard

Another option for keeping a healthy tree is to have it transplanted. If the tree poses some sort of threat, or simply sits in an inconvenient area, then you can move it to another part of the property. Often, relocating the tree can solve many tree-related issues while allowing you to still enjoy having that tree on your property.

You can move a small tree yourself. You should never attempt to move a larger, mature tree, even if you have access to the tools and machinery to do so.

Moving a large tree is a delicate process best handled by professionals. Not only is it dangerous, if the process doesn't happen correctly, the tree may not survive it. Once again, call on a professional tree removal contractor or other tree services that have experience with this kind of thing.

Why Keep a Tree if You Don't Have To

You may think it's just easier to remove the tree and be done with it. Instead, you should consider the benefits that come with having trees on your property:

  • They're pleasing to the eye
  • They contribute to relaxation
  • They provide shade
  • They literally improve the air you breathe
  • They absorb water which can help mitigate flooding

Trees can even inspire you, especially if you're a creative type. In addition, every single tree helps to beneficially contribute to the overall environment. If you feel you need to remove a healthy tree from your property, consider finding tree services that can help you figure out if there are alternative options available to you.

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