Three Reasons You Need Emergency Tree Services

As a homeowner with trees on your property, you need to be sure that you know when you might need to hire emergency tree services. A tree that is in critical condition could possibly damage your home or a neighbor's if it suddenly falls. Here are three reasons you need to hire emergency tree services:

The Tree is Leaning:

If you notice that any tree on your property is suddenly leaning, you are going to want to hire emergency tree services to inspect the tree and possibly remove it. This can happen by chance that the growth is simply disturbed for whatever reason and the tree continues to progress in a leaning way. You will want to have it removed since a leaning tree is extremely susceptible to collapsing because there is too much weight on one side. 

The Tree is Diseased:

First off, you need to know what some of the signs of a diseased tree are. This includes leaves that are spotted, excessive damage to the trunk, and any other unusual sign in growth. You should be careful to check on the signs of disease on a regular basis so that you know when to call in professionals to possibly remove the tree to prevent a sure collapse. Diseased trees are extremely weak and it gets worse fairly rapidly. 

The Tree Has Overhanging Branches:

Finally, if you notice overhanging branches on the roof of your home, you need to call in professionals right away to remove these branches safely. You don't want to do it yourself since these heavy branches can easily cause damage to the roof if you are not careful. The professionals will remove them carefully to prevent roof damage, which is the major reason you want these branches removed as soon as possible. In the event of a storm, overhanging branches can collapse on the roof. On top of this, the branch simply rubbing up against the roof can cause scratches that weaken the structure of your roof. 

When you know the three basic reasons you need to hire emergency tree services, you can be sure that you are responsible as a homeowner with trees on your property to not only prevent damages to your own home, but also to those of your neighbors. On top of this, it can even prevent a possibly terrible situation should someone be walking by when the tree collapses. Contact a tree service, like Vista Tree Service, for more help.