Thee Ways To Properly Water Your Yard During A Water Restriction

Water restrictions can happen when the snowfall and rainfall for the year are not at adequate levels. When this happens, you will have to limit the amount of water that you are using inside of the home for baths, as well as limit the amount of water filtered into your pool and into your yard. If your beautiful green yard with shady trees and bright flower are your pride and joy, you will not want the yard to turn brown during a drought restriction. Here are some ways to properly water your yard during a water restriction.

Build small irrigation

During a water restriction, you may only be able to water your yard during certain times. This may be restricted to once a week or less at times. If this is the case, you should use an irrigation system to aid you in keeping water in your yard throughout the week. Build a few short, yet deep trenches at the edge of your yard and around the trees and flower beds. This will allow the water to be introduced deep into the roots of your grass and plants. The deeper the irrigation hole, the better the water will be able to last and keep the ground moist. 

Install a timed sprinkler

When dealing with water restrictions, there will be times in which you may water the lawn. The hours can conflict with your schedule, which means that you are not home for the watering hours. Get sprinklers installed which can be programmed to turn on during the hours set by your city. The sprinklers should have an automatic on and off to make sure that you do not go over the allotted time frame and receive a possible fine.Be sure that the sprinkler spans your yard so that you will not have any dry spots that begin to wilt before the rest of the yard.

Keep the yard pruned

Weeds, dandelions, and other unnecessary yard items can suck up the water from your actual plants and flowers. Be sure to prune your yard as much as possible so that you do not have yard predators taking up any water. Inspect the yard near your flowers to make sure that you pull up any weeds before they get too big. If your grass tends to attract other growths, keep the yard mowed and trimmed low so that you can spot anything that does not belong. 

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