5 Signs It Is Time To Say Your Goodbyes And Call For Tree Removal

Even though that big tree in your front yard provides shade to your home, it could also be a danger to your family and property. The time will come when it is time to say goodbye and have a tree removal done. You may try different treatments before calling for removal. When all else fails, here are some of the signs to look for when your tree needs removal.

1. Poor Soil and Shallow Roots Weakening Trees

Poor soil quality is another problem that can cause trees to need removal. If you have hard clay soils or rock that is close to the surface, roots may not be able to get a good hold in soil and trees will be at risk of falling and require removal when they are a danger to people or property.

2. Fungus and Rot Causing Weakening of Tree Roots and Trunk

Fungus and rot are another problem that you may have to deal with when it comes to tree removal. You may try treating fungus and rot by pruning your trees to allow more light through the canopy. Trimming more branches out of the canopy will help allow sunlight and reduce fungus growth.

3. Damaged Branches in The Crown That Make Up the Canopy

Damaged branches in the canopy of a tree can be a serious problem. If these are primary leaders, which make up the canopy, having them die may mean you need to have the tree top. Topping a tree is the removal of the canopy or top, which many trees never recover from, so tree removal is often a more effective solution.

4. Damaged Bark or Hollowing at Trunk or Primary Branches

Another problem that destroys trees is damage to bark on the trunk or primary branches. The damage from storms, insects and vandalism can expose your trees to damage the core of trees to a point that they barely support themselves and need to be removed.

5. Insect or Disease Infestation That Are Too Severe for Treatments

Insects and disease infestations of trees are a problem that you may regularly have to deal with. Sometimes, these problems get out of control and cannot be treated. The problem may be due to foreign invasive species that are difficult to control or noticing a problem too late. When treatments fail, tree removal will be your next option.

These are some of the signs that you will want to look for when your tree needs removal. Contact a tree service for advice on whether treatments or removal services are needed for your tree.