4 Ways A Tree Service Can Help With Taking Care Of Your Yard

When you move into a new home, you want to make sure that you take proper care of your yard. That includes removing old trees, pruning existing tree, fertilizing your trees, and planning for the future care of your trees.

Removing Old Trees

The first thing that you are going to want to have a tree service do is evaluate the health of your existing trees, and determine if there are any trees that need to be removed from your property. Any trees that are showing signs of rot should be removed. Any trees that are infected with a disease to a point that the tree cannot be saved should be removed. Any trees that are causing a hazard due to the way that they are growing over your house and/or new electrical lines should also be removed.

Pruning Your Trees

After that, you are going to need to have the tree service prune your trees, especially if the trees have not been pruned for a while. When pruning the trees on your property, you are going to want to first focus on pruning for the health of your trees, not aesthetics.

The tree company can remove all dead or dying branches. Then, they can prune back branches that are not growing correctly, such as branches growing up from the ground or growing upward instead of outward. Correctly pruning your trees will help them grow and thrive.

Fertilizing Your Trees

Next, a professional tree service can test the quality of your soil. They can use these soils tests to determine what type of nutrients that your trees need in order to grow properly. This can help you properly fertilize your trees now and in the future, which will help your trees thrive and continue to grow.

Creating a Care Plan

Finally, a tree service can work with you to create a care plan for all the trees on your property. They can work with you to make a plan on when you want to have your trees pruned and which trees need to be pruned. They can create a fertilizer plan for you to follow so you can ensure the health of your trees. If any of your trees are diseased, they can come up with a treatment plan to fight the disease.

You can then have the tree service implement this plan for you, or you can implement it on your own, or a combination of implementation by both you and the tree service. It can be great to find a tree service company to work with for the long-term who is invested in professional tree health care, especially the trees on your new property.