Signs Your Tree's Roots Are Rotting

If you have an old tree in your yard, you may wonder whether or not it has a strong enough root system to keep it from falling on someone walking by or on your house. If so, look for the following signs that your tree's roots are starting to rot.

Leaves on Outer Branches Die and Fall

One of the first signs you may notice that indicate that your tree's root system is rotting is when the leaves on the outer branches start to die and fall off. Even during the spring and summer seasons, you may see the tree shed these leaves.

As your tree grows and branches out, the diameter of its branches spreads out as far as the roots, as this creates enough of a balance to nourish and support the tree. However, if the ends of the root system start to rot and die, so will the leaves and branches extending past the point they are still living.

Mushrooms Grow in the Soil Around the Base of the Tree

As wood rots, fungal growth such as canker fungi and mushrooms find that it a perfect medium on which to grow. Usually, when a tree's trunk is rotting through, you may see canker fungi grow on the trunk of the tree. You may also see mushrooms growing directly on the base of the trunk.

However, when roots start to decay, the rotting wood mixes in with the soil. You will then start seeing mushrooms sprouting up in the soil surrounding the tree. While this growth can be normal during the fall months when leaves are naturally falling, it should not be present in the summer months when the ground is clear of debris.

You may even notice that a line of mushrooms extending from the trunk's base to under the outermost branch. If you see this line, this indicates that there is extensive rotting of one or more of the roots, which will weaken the stability of the tree.

Since the tree's stability is compromised, you may start to see it lean, especially after a heavy rain or high winds. When this happens, the tree needs to be taken down.

If your tree starts showing the above signs, its roots are probably starting to rot, increasing the chance that your tree will fall. Contact a tree removal service like Houston Tree Service Team as soon as possible to discuss your options for getting rid of the tree before it falls and causes injury or extensive property damage