Want To Please Your Neighbors? 3 Reasons To Consider Tree Removal

In your backyard, you may have several trees that are close to your property lines. While there is nothing wrong with trees being close to your neighbors, you may find that they are a cause of concern for your closest neighbors. This is when you should consider tree removal service to satisfy your neighbors by accommodating their wants and needs, which can vary greatly.

Debris Buildup

One of the things that may be happening with your trees is debris building up quite extensively on neighboring properties. Since the tree is part of your property, your neighbors cannot do anything about it when the seeds, flowers, leaves, and branches fall into their backyard.

If you notice a neighbor mention the debris buildup with a sense of frustration, and you are not partial to the tree, you can make them happy by investing in tree removal services. The neighbor may even be willing to help with the cost of removal because they know it will benefit them so much.

View Blockage

When you look at one of your backyard trees from a certain angle, you may find that it plays a role in blocking a desirable view for your neighbor. If it is not blocking a view from your own yard, you may not have put much thought into having it removed. But, this is another situation in which a neighbor may be more than willing to contribute to the tree's removal to improve their view.

Going without a tree in this area is not necessary as you can work with tree service professionals to determine which species would be a good fit that will not obstruct any views at maturity.

Pest Concerns

Depending on the size of your yard, you may have a tree in an area that is not close to your house or any backyard features. However, the tree may be close to where your neighbors spend a lot of time because the tree may be rather close to their deck, patio, fire pit, pool, or garden.

This can lead to them having concerns related to pests, especially if they have a well-maintained landscape with bushes and trees that are susceptible to pest infestations. Even wild animals such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can use the tree often as a place to sleep and hide. By removing the tree, you can alleviate your neighbor's concerns and eliminate pest complications.

While you should not feel obligated to remove a tree in your backyard, you may want to consider removal when you know that it will help neighbors and improve your relationship with them.