6 Ways to Deal with Slugs in Your Yard

Insects are just a part of the beautiful outdoors. However, not all insects are that kind to your yard. Slugs, as well as snails, can cause some serious damage to your garden. Luckily, there are lots of natural ways you can fight back against them.

#1 Use Eggshells to Protect Your Garden

Slugs like to travel over the surface of your plants because they are smooth. They are very picky about the surfaces that they can travel over safely.

Instead of throwing your eggshells in the garbage, rinse them off in order to get rid of the mucus on the inner part of the shell. Then, take all your collected eggshells and break them up into smaller pieces.

Take the smaller pieces and spread them throughout your garden and around any plants in your yard where slugs like to gather. The rough surface the eggshells create will help convince the slugs to go elsewhere.

#2 Create a Trap with Old Beer

Another thing you can reuse is the old beer at the bottom of the can that you don't really want to drink. Take that old beer and put it into a low container, and place that container in the garden.

The smell of the old alcohol attracts the slugs, and they will come to the container, get inside, and drown in the alcohol.

#3 Take Your Hair Outside

Take the hair off your brushes and combs, and instead of throwing it away, take it outside and put it around the base of the plants that the slugs like in your yard. The slugs will get caught in the hair and be deterred from your plants.

This trick also works well with dog hair, so you can recycle the hair from your dog's brush as well. Over time, the hair will break down outside, so it will need to be replenished on occasion.

#4 Use Some Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is actually a type of sand that is made out of fossilized algae and skeletal remains of diatoms. Diatomaceous earth is not soft like most sand. It has sharp edges that will actually cut open any slugs or snails that crawl over it. When slugs and snails suffer lacerations, they dry out, effectively killing the slugs and snails that are plaguing your garden.

#5 Protect Your Plants with Copper

When the wet bodies of slugs come into contact with copper, it actually gives them a little shock. You can take advantage of this by purchasing copper tape, which is sold in most garden supply stores, and wrapping a little piece of copper tape around the base of plants slugs seem to adore in your garden. That little zap should help keep them away.

#6 Use Seaweed for Mulch

You can also take fresh seaweed and put it around the base of your plants. This is great if you live near the ocean and can just harvest seaweed on your own. You can also purchase seaweed at many garden stores. The salt in the seaweed keeps the slugs away, and the seaweed as it decomposes provides important nutrients for the soil.

You don't need to use chemicals to keep the slugs and snails out of your garden. Try one of the natural and non-chemical methods above to keep slugs out of your garden. You can use a variety of organic options to control all the pests in your garden.

For more information, contact an organic insect control business.