Talk To A Tree Care Company About Moving A Tree You Want To Save

If you'd like to extend your patio or add a room addition, but there's a tree in your way, you'll either have to cut the tree down or move it. A lot of factors are involved in whether a tree is suitable for moving, but if it's a rare tree or a tree that has sentimental value, then talk to a tree care company about moving the tree to a different location on your property. Here are some things the tree company will consider — and a look at how a tree is moved.

Things That Influence The Decision To Move A Tree

The type of tree you have plays a role. Some trees grow so fast that it might be possible to plant a new tree and have it catch up to the old one in just a few years. In that case, you may want to remove the tree and plant a new one. Slow-growing trees are another story. It could be worth the effort to move a tree that grows slowly since it could take many years for a new tree to grow to the size and shape of the one you have now. The health of the tree is important to consider since moving a tree is stressful. The height and diameter of the tree matter, too. The smaller the tree, the easier it is to move.

The tree care company also considers your property. The tree has to be moved to a suitable spot that gets the right amount of sun or shade. Cost is a consideration for you, too. The larger the tree, the more it costs to move.

Steps Involved In Tree Moving

Tree moving isn't usually done without careful preparation. The tree has a lower chance of survival if the move isn't planned out carefully starting months in advance. A tree should be moved at the right time of year in its growth cycle. Early spring might be a good time before leaves start to bud. If so, the tree care company may start working on the tree in the fall. They may sever some of the large roots and feed the tree so new roots grow that are closer to the trunk. This ensures there will be plenty of healthy roots near the trunk that move with the tree.

When it's close to moving time, the tree is watered deeply so it's well hydrated for the move. A small to medium tree can often be dug out by hand, but a large tree may need to be dug up with commercial equipment. The new hole for the tree is prepared in advance so the tree can be popped out of the ground and placed in its new home right away so it doesn't dehydrate. The tree company will probably brace the tree once it's in place to help support it until the roots have time to grow into the soil. You may need to give the tree special attention with water and mulch until it's well established in its new place on your lawn.