A Few Signs You Should Have A Tree Removed

Trees provide shade and beauty to any yard. However, it is important to properly care for them so they last for many years without crashing down onto something or someone. Trees can become sick with a disease, infested with pests that harm them, or succumb to the weather. Some problems can be cured, healed, or repaired. Contact a tree service company and ask them to examine the tree. If they determine the tree is dying and cannot be healed, they will talk with you about tree removal. Here are some signs that indicate it would be best to have the tree removed so you can then plant a new one nearby.


If you notice that the ground around the roots is lifting, it could be due to decay. If even half of the roots are decayed, the tree is probably not going to make it and should be removed before the bacteria causing the decay spreads to other roots nearby or into the soil. Mushrooms or other fungi also indicate the presence of decaying roots and trees. The professional may dig around in the soil to see how deep the decay goes before making a final decision to remove the tree. 

Small shoots growing out of the roots near the base of the tree indicate that the tree is stressed. The tree technician will exam the tree closely to determine why the tree is stressed and whether or not they can remove the stress and allow the tree to heal.


Peeling bark indicates the inner part of the tree is swelling. This usually means the tree is rotting from the inside out. Gashes or cracks in the trunk are also an indication that something is going on inside that cannot be seen. The technician will use tools and their knowledge to determine how much of the trunk is rotting and if it would be possible to contain any rot or decay to prevent it from spreading. As long as there is still significant healthy wood, and the rot cannot spread, it may be possible to save the tree.

If there are large open cavities in the trunk, the tree is probably going to need to be removed. While a few holes where animals live are fine, anything that was caused by damage from the weather or being struck by something, or decay is not a good sign of health.

A tree trunk should be upright and fairly straight. If the trunk looks like it is toppling over, it probably is. It would be much safer to have the tree removed than to wait for it to topple down onto your home, garage, or anyone in the way. 


The branches of a tree should not droop down (unless it is a weeping willow) from the trunk. They should never just hang from the side of the trunk. In addition, every branch should have some green growth on it in the spring. The leaves of a tree perform photosynthesis to feed the tree. If there are no leaves the tree cannot grow. Branches without leaves are almost always already dead or dying. While it is possible to prune away dead branches, if there are multiple dead branches, it might be best to have the tree removed and plant a new one.

A professional tree service company knows how to safely remove a tree without causing property damage or injuring someone. They can also tell you if it would be possible to save a tree that appears to be damaged. Take advantage of their knowledge, experience, and equipment if you have concerns about a tree in your yard. If you do need to have one removed, they can also help you find the right tree to replace it to keep your yard looking beautiful.