How To Spot When A Tree Needs Trimming

If you have someone coming out regularly to tend to the care of your trees and other foliage, then you know they are getting trimmed how they should. However, if you have not, then you need to pay attention to all of the trees in your yard to make sure they get trimmed when they start to show signs of needing it. Here are some signs that trees need to be trimmed. 

You find branches on the ground

A healthy tree that is trimmed properly should not have a lot of broken branches unless there has been something that happened, such as a very strong storm. So, if you notice your tree is dropping branches in your yard, then it is a sign that the tree should be trimmed. When a tree trimming is overdue, the trees can end up with branches that are weak and the trees can get overcrowded. Unfortunately, these are things that can cause them to easily break. 

You see the trees have become misshapen

When you have the trees trimmed regularly, you will likely admire their nice shape. It is especially nice-looking to have all the trees professionally trimmed when you have a number of them and they have a cohesive size and shape. However, even just a single tree will look much better trimmed. So, if you take a look around the yard and you are not happy with the shapes of the trees, this may be a sign that it is time to have them trimmed anyway. Along with not looking as nice, misshapen trees will be more at risk of damage, such as broken and splintered branches. 

Your trees look very thick

If you notice the trees are beginning to look quite thick and you cannot see light through them, then you need them to be trimmed. When they get this thick, it is not good for a number of reasons. This crowding is bad on the tree itself, as well as on the branches. It is even worse for your lawn because the excessive shade will prevent the lawn from getting the sunlight it needs. Once the tree gets thick like this, the next step from the overcrowded branches will be them crossing each other, causing breakage, and the tree not being able to get enough nutrients for it to remain healthy and strong.

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