How Does Tree Removal Work?

If you have decided to remove a tree on your property, you need to call a professional tree removal service. Professional tree services can remove trees and tree stumps safely, without damaging the surrounding area. If you have never hired a tree removal service before, you might wonder what is involved in the tree removal process.

The tree removal process involves several steps.

Step One: Assess the tree and surrounding area

The first step of tree removal involves an inspection of the tree itself. A tree removal service will inspect your tree to determine its health and if that tree might pose a hazard to the surrounding area during its removal. If certain branches look dangerous, the tree service may tie these down or remove them.

During this step, tree removal services also check the surrounding area. If there are dangers like power lines or other trees nearby, this will require more care. As such, the removal will cost more than a standard removal.

Step Two: Remove obstacles and clear the area

Before the tree removal takes place, the area needs to be free of obstacles, pets, and people. You may also need to clear your driveway and yard to make room for the tree removal service and its equipment. This is especially true if your tree is large and requires a crane to assist in the removal.

In most cases, you won't need to be home for a tree removal job. So, if you are worried about the safety of your children or pets, you can go elsewhere during the removal and then return once the tree has been removed.

Step Three: Make the undercut and back cut

If your tree isn't close to buildings or other structures, the tree removal service will make an undercut and a back cut on your tree's trunk. This will help the tree service to direct the tree as it falls.

However, if your tree is in a confined area or near your home or your neighbor's home, the tree service will likely cut the tree down starting from the top. Cutting your tree from the top will protect the surrounding area from damage due to your tree falling.

Step Four: Cut the tree down

Once your tree has been removed by your tree service, your tree service may remove the tree stump too. But make sure you book the stump removal service during your initial booking so that the tree service brings the necessary equipment with them, such as a stump grinder.