Is Tree Removal Hard?

Tree removal is relatively hard even for experienced DIYers. However, the degree of difficulty depends on the tree removal method used. Keep in mind that removing a tree isn't similar to stump removal. 

The latter can be a DIY task, but the former needs an expert and, sometimes, even a tree arborist. You will need to understand the age, size, and branch layout before removing that tree. Simple mistakes or miscalculations can lead to extensive damages or fatal injuries. 

Below are other reasons why tree removal is difficult.

It's Dangerous 

Most homeowners will rarely remove healthy trees that are far from the house, sewer, or power lines. When a homeowner decides to remove a tree, it's likely that it's dying, damaged, or obstructing something.

These conditions often increase the risk of removing the trees. For example, if a tree is damaged or dead, it will have brittle branches and stems. Handling a compromised tree is harder because exerting extra pressure could lead to breakage. This can be dangerous for those removing the tree or anyone that's close. 

Similarly, removing trees close to electricity lines is a risky affair. A mistake or misstep could lead to a fire, power outage, or even worse, fatal injuries. 

Tree Removal Is Complex 

Typically, when removing a tree in a neighborhood or populated area, you don't cut it down haphazardly. Instead, you tear it apart by sections to reduce the impact and damage on surrounding areas. 

News reports are always awash with tree-cutting accidents by novices. Either someone cut down the tree at the wrong position or didn't account for wind and the tree's weight. Untrained DIYers often see tree removal as cut and go, but in reality, it's more complex. 

This is why professional tree removers will use specialized equipment, such as cranes and aerial lifts to access trees from different angles. Some trees have branches that extend to neighboring properties, public paths, roads, or your home. Cutting these branches requires specialized skills to ensure that property and people aren't injured. 

Hire a Professional for Your Tree Removal Needs 

As noted, tree removal is complex and dangerous. It's not a DIY task, especially if the tree is close to your property. Hiring professional tree removal services might cost more than DIY, but it frees you from hazardous work and expensive liability insurance. 

If you damage neighboring property or injure people while removing the trees, you're liable for the damage and medical cover. Fortunately, when you hire a licensed and insured tree removal service, the company will bear the liability for any damages or injuries.