Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes By Hiring A Professional Service

Trimming your trees can be needed for safety and aesthetic reasons as well as for maintaining the overall health of the plant. While there are many tree trimming services that are able to perform this work for their clients, some individuals may attempt to complete their tree trimming work on their own. This can lead to them potentially making mistakes that could harm their trees or compromise the results of this type of tree care.

Using Dull Cutting Tools

During the cutting process, it is important to use cutting tools that are as sharp as possible. When dull cutting tools are used, it can increase the amount of damage that occurs to the surrounding portions of the branch. In addition to increasing the recovery time for the tree, this additional damage could also lead to the tree being far more vulnerable to suffering significant health problems due to bacterial or fungal infections that can develop.

Excessive Trimming

While some trimming can be useful for removing damaged or diseased branches, excess trimming can be a mistake that has the potential to cause significant health problems for the tree as it can deprive it of much of the nutrients and energy that the leaves on the trimmed branches would have provided. Whether you are trimming the tree to removed unhealthy branches or for purely cosmetic purposes, it is critical to only trim the bare minimum. A professional tree trimming service can identify the minimum number of branches that need to be removed so that any impacts to the tree's energy production will be minimized.

Trimming The Tree During The Growing Season

The time of year when the tree trimming work is done is another important consideration. Cutting these branches during the summer can deprive the tree of an important source of energy during the prime growing season. The winter months will typically be the time of the year that is recommended for having any tree trimming work completed. This can provide the tree with enough time to heal and recover from the stress of the trimming process before the growing season arrives.

Trimming the trees on your property is one of the more complicated types of landscaping work that you may need to do. While there are many types of landscaping work that you can easily do on your own, this may not be the case with tree trimming as it can be possible to make some seemingly simple mistakes that could severely impact the health of these plants. Contact a tree trimming service to learn more.