How To Know If Your Tree Is Being Affected By Anthracnose

It's important to pay close attention to the leaves of your trees as you try your best to take good care of them. The leaves will start to develop lesions if they are infected by a fungus known as anthracnose. This is a type of disease that can spread very fast during rainy seasons. You will want to have your trees treated to make sure that they remain healthy.

Watch Out for Brown and Yellow Spots on the Leaves

The first thing you will notice on the leaves of your tree are irregular brown and yellow spots. These will gradually grow larger and will heat holes in the leaves of your tree. This type of fungus will also attack the tips of new twigs and will cause them to die. As a result, this disease can inhibit the growth of your tree in several ways. Without healthy leaves, your tree will not be able to nourish itself and will become unhealthy.

Look for Fruit That is Beginning to Rot

If your tree is a fruit tree, you may notice spots on the tree that are dark and sunken. The fruit will rot and you might even be able to see mold forming under humid conditions.

How to Know for Certain

While you might think that your tree has been infected with anthracnose fungus, it's important to contact tree diagnosis solutions so you can make sure that you know exactly what is wrong with your tree. If you don't know what condition your tree is suffering from, this can make it more difficult for you to treat your tree.

The Importance of a Right Diagnosis

Diagnosis is important because you will need to provide your tree with the right treatment to protect it from whichever condition is making it sick. Otherwise, the health of your tree will only decline over time. 

For example, with anthracnose, you will need to prune and remove the infected parts of the tree so that the mold will not spread to other areas. You may also need to spray your tree with a fungicide to treat it and kill any other mold spores you might not be able to find.

However, if it later turns out that a different type of disease was infecting your tree and producing the symptoms, the fungicide might not be effective. For this reason, it's always important to turn to tree diagnosis solutions early on for help.