Dangers Of DIY Tree Removal

Tree removal may be necessary for various reasons, including avoiding spreading disease or chopping down a tree that is leaning hazardously. Many homeowners attempt DIY tree removal to avoid the cost of hiring arborists. Here are some dangers of DIY tree removal.

Wrong Estimate of the Gravitational Force

Many DIYers don't know that gravitational force is essential during tree removal. You need to account for the varying degrees of decay and sickness. Consider the risk of branches and wood falling on your property during tree removal.

The weight of the trees and branches may cause you to make the wrong estimate of the center of gravity. An arborist will be able to accurately establish the tree's center of gravity due to their experience removing different types of trees.

Electrical Hazards

Removing trees that are near power lines is dangerous. The tree or its limbs could fall on the power line, resulting in a power outage. Additionally, you could be electrocuted by a power line while attempting to cut down a tree. Tree arborists know the dangers of removing trees that are near power lines. They will liaise with the power company to ensure the tree is removed safely without affecting the neighborhood's electricity supply.

Ladders and Heights

Chopping a tree while on top of a ladder can be precarious. Operating a manual or automatic chainsaw can be challenging without sure footing. You could easily lose balance on a ladder while holding tree-cutting equipment. 

Also, placing your ladder on unsteady terrain increases the risk of falling. A professional arborist knows how to safely operate equipment on top of a ladder. Furthermore, they will come with the appropriate ladder to help them easily reach the tree limbs and branches.

Improper Tools and Safety Gear

Attempting to cut a tree with dull tools can result in a serious accident. You could easily lose balance if you use the wrong tools. Additionally, failing to wear safety gear increases your susceptibility to injury. You should wear a hard hat, harnesses, safety gloves, and safety glasses. 

You should also wear chainsaw paints to secure the chainsaw and protect your legs. Considering the amount of money you will have to spend to acquire the right tools and safety gear, you are better off hiring a professional tree removal.

In Closing

DIY tree removal is full of potential hazards. Unless you have training in tree removal, you shouldn't attempt to remove trees without professional assistance. Hiring a tree removal service is cost-effective and convenient. The experts will handle the task tactfully without causing any accidents or incidents. 

For more information about tree removal, contact a local company.