Signs That Your Yard Needs Tree Removal

Strong and healthy trees are a great addition to your property as they complement other landscape features. However, if a tree does not serve its intended purpose, its removal becomes inevitable. As such, you should hire a professional arborist for the task, as they will evaluate the tree's current condition. In addition, they will assess the risk in the tree removal process and identify control methods. Finally, they will cut the tree safely, ensuring minimal damage to the surrounding. The following are signs your yard needs this service.

Safety Hazard

If a tree sustains damage from a construction project in your home, it will lose vitality. Moreover, inclement weather, such as storms, can weaken the root system, making trees unstable. As such, these trees pose a risk of property damage, especially if they are close to structures. Additionally, weak branches can easily detach from a limb and fall, injuring a person below the tree. On the other hand, if a tree's growth is projected toward power lines, it can cause extensive damage if it topples over.

Danger To Plumbing

A mature tree has an extensive root system, which may spread over time. Unfortunately, these roots may invade underground utility lines, damaging your plumbing system. This may result in roots obstructing drain pipes, causing water back-ups in your plumbing fixtures. Moreover, root infiltration in your plumbing can lead to leakages and water contamination. Therefore, you must engage an expert to remove a tree whose roots are infiltrating your plumbing system. In such a case, they might also apply chemicals to suppress the root network, preventing it from extending to your foundation.

Presence of Disease

Different stress factors may cause diseases in trees. This includes drought, which hinders the tree from absorbing nutrients and water from the soil. Consequently, you may notice twig dieback, wilted foliage, cavities on the trunk, and pest infestations. Note that this may lead to a weak tree that can topple over during adverse weather conditions. Thus, you should contact an arborist to remove a sickly tree to protect the surrounding plants from diseases.

Blocking View

If a tree has excess foliage, it may obstruct your outdoor view. Besides blocking your view, a tree can cast too much shade, preventing your garden from thriving. Ultimately, this may lead to lower home resale value for potential buyers as it may diminish curb appeal. Therefore, you must hire an arborist to remove a tree obstructing your view.

Understand the signs that your yard needs 24-hour tree removal to prevent damage to your property. Thus, you should contact a certified arborist to safely and efficiently remove an unwanted tree from your yard if you notice any of the above signs.