Three Ways To Save Money On Tree Removal

If a tree is growing into power lines, overhanging your roof, or presenting any kind of danger to your health or property, then you will generally want to have that tree removed. However, when you get a quote for the service, you might be surprised by how high the quote is. Tree removal can be a little pricey. Thankfully, there are some ways to keep costs down if you're on a budget.

1. Have the tree service leave the tree behind.

Usually when you get a quote for tree removal, that quote includes felling the tree, chopping it up, and removing it from your land. If you're handy and have a chainsaw, though, you can likely cut up the tree and move the wood on your own. Felling the tree is the part of the job that requires the most skill and caution. See if the tree company can come fell the tree and then leave the rest of the job to you. Then, you can gather some friends, spend a weekend cutting logs and stacking wood, and have a nice supply of firewood for the coming years.

2. Get some neighbors on board.

A lot of the cost of tree removal comes from the fact that the tree company needs to bring all of their equipment to the site, spend time driving to the site, and load everything back up at the end of the day. These tasks are more or less the same whether the tree company has to remove one tree or several trees. As such, you may get a better price, per tree, if you hire the same company to remove more than one tree. Do any of your neighbors need a tree removed, too? You may be able to get a discount if you arrange for all the work to be done on the same day.

3. Have the stumps left behind.

Some tree removal companies include stump removal in their quotes by default, and others do not. It is worth looking at the quote you got to see whether it includes stump removal. If it does, ask if the company can leave the stump. If it's not in an area where it will get in the way, you can leave it to rot on its own. Or, you can use some stump removal liquid to expedite the process, which will still cost less than professional removal.

If you need to have a tree removed but your funds are limited, the approaches above can help you save. For more information, contact a company like Smitty's Tree Service Inc.