Residential Tree Trimming - Important Tactics For Homeowners

Tree trimming (pruning) has many applications, such as maintaining tree health, preventing property damage, and keeping trees beautiful. If you have a couple of trees on your property, here are some tree pruning tactics to try.

Experiment With Different Cutting Tools

Tree trimming for residential homeowners can vary a lot because there are quite a few instruments you can use for cutting. You have tools like chainsaws, pole saws, and loppers. Experiment with a few to decide what you prefer and feel the most comfortable with.

Chainsaws are extremely powerful, while long pole saws let you cut branches from the ground. Meanwhile, loppers are very affordable and easy to use. If you rent these cutting tools and use them long enough, you can buy a tree cutting tool with confidence. 

Work With a Partner

Although you may be excited about trimming trees immediately, hold off until you find help. Tree trimming involves hazards and manual labor, so having a partner to share the load and watch your back helps tremendously.

While you cut down branches, a partner can stand on the ground and make sure they won't hit anything important when they fall. A partner can also help you move limbs into a trailer once you've cut them from a tree.  

Research Proper Pruning Techniques 

Tree trimming doesn't mean hacking down any branch you feel like. Ill-advised cuts could get you into serious trouble, considering you might expose the wrong parts of the tree and then let disease spread rapidly. 

Strategic branch removal is better for protecting your trees' health and getting beautiful results. Proper pruning techniques vary from species to species, but some standard rules are shared.

For example, removing diseased branches rather than healthy ones is appropriate. You should also cut branches at a downward angle to prevent water from traveling toward the open wound and causing the area to rot. 

Rent a Trailer 

You'll have a pile left over once you remove branches from a tree. If you plan to remove them yourself, rent a trailer. It's the perfect solution for transporting branches away because of the space it provides. 

When looking at the trailer market, find a trailer big enough for all your branches and ensure it comes with tie-down support to keep branches contained on the trailer. 

Whatever type of tree species is on your property, trimming is a process you should keep up with. Follow proper pruning protocols to keep your trees healthy and beautiful for decades. 

Contact a local company to learn more about tree trimming.