4 Tree Damage Prevention Solutions You Should Consider Before A Storm

As the storm season approaches, you should start preparing your yard for the potential impact of strong winds and heavy rain. One of the most important steps to protect your property is to ensure any trees in your yard are healthy and securely attached to the ground. 

Neglecting this task can lead to serious damage caused by uprooted trees or branches that break off and fall. Employing a specialist tree service can help you properly maintain your trees and ensure they are ready for any severe weather conditions. Here are four tree damage prevention solutions you should consider before a storm hits: 

Prune Branches

Pruning can reduce the wind resistance of trees, making them less likely to be uprooted or snapped off in a storm. Dead or diseased branches should also be removed, as these can weaken the tree and make it more vulnerable to damage. 

An experienced arborist knows the right branches to prune and uses specialized tools to access and prune higher branches, ensuring no damage to your tree and the surrounding area.

Cables and Braces

A professional arborist can help you install cables and braces that will help support weak branches or trees on your property. Installing them is an important step in protecting the tree against wind damage, as it helps reduce stress on the trunk and limbs. Cables and braces should be inspected regularly by an experienced tree service to ensure they are functioning correctly and fastened when needed to ensure that your trees are well protected during the storm.

Soil Improvement

A tree service can help by aerating and fertilizing the soil, which helps promote healthy root growth that will enable them to survive the storms. An experienced arborist has the right tools and knowledge to identify and address soil deficiencies weakening your trees.

For instance, they can adjust the acidity and drainage of soil to make it more hospitable for your trees. The professionals will assess your trees to customize a suitable soil improvement solution, which can also help reduce the risk of erosion. 

Root Stimulation

An experienced tree service can stimulate the roots, allowing them to absorb more nutrients and moisture for increased strength and stability. The process should be done early before the storm to ensure you prepare your trees in advance. When trees undergo stimulation, it helps them withstand future storms and reduces the likelihood of further damage.

Tree damage prevention is important to keep your property safe during storms. You can protect your trees by working with a professional service to implement proper tree maintenance solutions. Therefore, you can rest easy in a major storm, knowing your trees are as prepared as possible.

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