Process For Removing Trees From Utility Lines

Trees that are growing into power lines pose a real danger of electrocution or fire. Removal may be necessary, and it isn't a DIY job due to the dangers involved. The following are the concerns that the tree removal company must address when removing the dangerous tree. Utility Notification The tree service will contact the relevant utility companies before removal can commence. In most cases, this involves contacting the power company, but it may be necessary to also contact the phone or cable company if they also have lines on the pole.

A Few Signs You Should Have A Tree Removed

Trees provide shade and beauty to any yard. However, it is important to properly care for them so they last for many years without crashing down onto something or someone. Trees can become sick with a disease, infested with pests that harm them, or succumb to the weather. Some problems can be cured, healed, or repaired. Contact a tree service company and ask them to examine the tree. If they determine the tree is dying and cannot be healed, they will talk with you about tree removal.

Talk To A Tree Care Company About Moving A Tree You Want To Save

If you'd like to extend your patio or add a room addition, but there's a tree in your way, you'll either have to cut the tree down or move it. A lot of factors are involved in whether a tree is suitable for moving, but if it's a rare tree or a tree that has sentimental value, then talk to a tree care company about moving the tree to a different location on your property.

Best Times To Trim Your Trees? 3 Tips For Healthier Trees

The lush foliage of a healthy tree is a beautiful sight to see and one that homeowners naturally want to continue to enjoy on their properties. There are, however, many factors for these homeowners to consider when their goal is promoting the growth and health of their trees, including when to engage in trimming and shaping activities. Homeowners who need some help in deciding when to have their trees trimmed can refer to this basic guide to help them protect the health and appearance of their trees.

6 Ways to Deal with Slugs in Your Yard

Insects are just a part of the beautiful outdoors. However, not all insects are that kind to your yard. Slugs, as well as snails, can cause some serious damage to your garden. Luckily, there are lots of natural ways you can fight back against them. #1 Use Eggshells to Protect Your Garden Slugs like to travel over the surface of your plants because they are smooth. They are very picky about the surfaces that they can travel over safely.