Can A Tree Service Save Your Tree After Construction Damage?

Has your tree suffered damage during construction on your property? Trees are hardy and can survive severe damage if given the right treatment at the right time. The best thing to do after a tree suffers damage during construction is to call a tree service. Tree services can care for construction-damaged trees in a number of ways. As long as your tree isn't too severely damaged, a tree service may be able to save it.

Residential Tree Trimming - Important Tactics For Homeowners

Tree trimming (pruning) has many applications, such as maintaining tree health, preventing property damage, and keeping trees beautiful. If you have a couple of trees on your property, here are some tree pruning tactics to try. Experiment With Different Cutting Tools Tree trimming for residential homeowners can vary a lot because there are quite a few instruments you can use for cutting. You have tools like chainsaws, pole saws, and loppers.

Tree Suckering And Removal Options

Some trees send out new stems along the roots that grow closest to the soil surface. These will grow into new trees, often in areas where you don't want them. Management of suckers can be a challenge, so often it's best to remove the tree. What Is the Deal With Tree Suckers? On trees you want to keep, suckers can be a major problem as they will divert nutrients and water from the main trunk.

2 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Service To Trim The Trees On Your Home's Property

As the trees in your yard come to life, you may have noticed that they are starting to look a little wild and ragged. While you want to even up the branches and have dead or dying limbs cut out, you may be hesitant to start trimming them off because you are afraid you may damage them. If so, you should consider having a professional tend to the trees instead. Besides improving their appearance so they complement the rest of the landscape, there are a couple of benefits of hiring a professional service to trim the trees on your home's property.

How You Can Improve Your Landscape And Keep Your Trees Healthy With Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a vital process in maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape. It involves the removal of dead, damaged, or diseased branches to enhance the tree's appearance, promote its growth, and reduce potential hazards. Regular pruning is essential for the well-being of trees and to prevent them from becoming a danger to property and people. Promotes Tree Health Tree pruning removes dead or diseased branches, which can weaken the tree's structure and make it more susceptible to pests and diseases.