How To Know If Your Tree Is Being Affected By Anthracnose

It's important to pay close attention to the leaves of your trees as you try your best to take good care of them. The leaves will start to develop lesions if they are infected by a fungus known as anthracnose. This is a type of disease that can spread very fast during rainy seasons. You will want to have your trees treated to make sure that they remain healthy. Watch Out for Brown and Yellow Spots on the Leaves

Professional Yard Maintenance: The Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Having a tree removed from your yard often means being left with a rather unsightly tree stump. Thankfully, a professional tree service such as Tree Landers will be able to remove this stump through a process known as stump grinding. While the ability to do away with this eyesore is obviously beneficial, the reasons for using these services actually go far beyond the cosmetic benefits that you can hope to enjoy.

Tree Trimming Options When Your Trees Grow Up and Block Your Solar Panels

If your trees have gotten bigger and are now blocking your home's solar panels, it's time to talk to a tree care service about your options. The best choice is probably to trim the branches back, but in certain cases, you might need to remove a tree. Since you probably want to avoid killing a tree when possible, consider trimming now and also think about what the future may hold as the tree grows.

Avoiding Common Tree Trimming Mistakes By Hiring A Professional Service

Trimming your trees can be needed for safety and aesthetic reasons as well as for maintaining the overall health of the plant. While there are many tree trimming services that are able to perform this work for their clients, some individuals may attempt to complete their tree trimming work on their own. This can lead to them potentially making mistakes that could harm their trees or compromise the results of this type of tree care.

Is Tree Removal Hard?

Tree removal is relatively hard even for experienced DIYers. However, the degree of difficulty depends on the tree removal method used. Keep in mind that removing a tree isn't similar to stump removal.  The latter can be a DIY task, but the former needs an expert and, sometimes, even a tree arborist. You will need to understand the age, size, and branch layout before removing that tree. Simple mistakes or miscalculations can lead to extensive damages or fatal injuries.